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Skillstreamer.com provides an instant streaming media solution for anybody who uploads their video! Our Website allows anybody who has an interesting, entertaining or educational video - to upload it fast, set the category and price - and sell it immediately! The video will be viewable by any device; smartphone, tablet or workstation! 

How Skillstreamer Works! 

Skillstreamer.com Website aims to get everybody's video - available for pay-per-view or subscription viewing and sales - fast! Upload video from your mobile device, tablet or workstation! All videos are automatically assigned to your personal store, allowing you to be paid every time your video is viewed. Users can upload a video, stream a live event, or offer a video chat session for up to 21 people! 

Our new security measures ensure that all users are legitimate, and all stores offer videos consistent with their product descriptions. 

First, register. After your membership is verified, you will receive an email notification, and you'll then be able to upload any video, and be paid via your PayPal account! All videos must be shared from your cloud account to our contact email (you get this after registering).