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Mediagration is your one-stop source for state of the art software, to enable Web sites to stream secure video and audio, live broadcasts, digital downloads, advanced eCommerce.  We provide complete streaming media packages with e-commerce options, ready for front end customization; we also enhance existing websites; finally, we can expand your existing e-commerce reach to Facebook and other marketing channels. 

We can also upgrade existing streaming media platforms migrate from flash to optimized encoding compatible with all viewer devices, that minimizes streaming bandwidth and digital product storage costs and we offer software for platforms that seek to add or simplify security for their digital products. 

Mediagration develops pay per view, subscription solutions for stream video, music and live content, in all formats, from all sources -- media servers,
Mediagration products are designed to work with our other products and products from other vendors. 
Simple DRM Plus - encryption and aliasing for secure streaming
Our Jazz Media Player - device-independent, mobile friendly, secure and highly customizable video and audio player. 
MMCart - Enterprise class software that enables pay-per-view/pay-per-minute audio and video. MMCart creates automatic previews, has view again capability, and bulk uploading, transcoding, and product creation tools.

For customers seeking custom solutions, Mediagration offers development services to modify, develop or integrate other capabilities such as video chat or live event offerings. In short, we integrate our products to provide the optimum in streaming media capability. That's why we are called Mediagration.